How the Big Banks rule - without most people even knowing it....

If, as the big banks do, you are allowed to  create money from nothing – just by issuing credit on electronic accounts – and even without legal obligation to have any money  to lend,
If, as the big banks do, you therefore hold the purse strings of almost every nation  - through both owning almost their entire money supply as debt – created as credit and debt.
If you own virtually the entire media of whole nations and can limit what is reported to keep people in ignorance,
If you can distract an entire populace with mindless media entertainment – circuses without bread,
If your wealth is more than 50% of total world GDP – and tens if not thousands times more than that of individual nations,
If you have the monetary, military, media and intelligence power to promote or bring down any politician or party obstructing  your interests,
If you can finance literally thousands of seemingly ‘neutral’ academic journals, foundations or  ‘think tanks’,
If you own and control the key banks, arms, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries of nations, 
If parties or presidential candidates have to come begging to you to finance their expensive campaigns,
If you can ensure that ‘your people’ staff most governments or act as their chief ‘advisors’,
If you control and staff the legal or regulatory agencies whose task is to regulate you,
If most nations of the world are up to their neck in ever-compounding debt to you,
If you can found and fund any pressure groups or parties that serve your purposes,
If you can pay for and mobilise whole armies of expensive lobbyists and lawyers, like those who houses fill the suburbs around Washington, 

...Then you call the shots – whether directly or indirectly, or through whatever means. 

Why else do you think central banks have freely given out countless trillions of pounds, dollars and euros as welfare payments to the big banks - or lend to them at zero interest?
Why else to you think governments or can finance fight expensive wars – whist cutting public spending to the bone in the name of cutting the ‘national deficit?
Why else, despite all the talk and pledges made to appease the public, is nothing ever actually done to regulate the banks and financial markets, prevent privatised companies ripping off the state or stop massive corporate tax evasion?
Why else do you think every potential Presidential candidate in the States have to arrange a visit the Koch brothers in their extravagant Park Avenue apartment?
Why also do so-called ‘opposition’ parties go along with this too – as Shadow British Chancellor Ed Balls did (...after attending the notoriously secret Bilderberg conference of bankers and policians)?
Why else did you think half of Obama’s funding came from Goldman Sachs - itself set up by the Rothschild banking dynasty?

What does ‘calling the shots’ mean?

You can invade or occupy any nation you wish,  and at any cost to their people – either militarily or just financially, through forcing them to accept loans.
You can blatantly ignore international law – even to the point of sanctioning or engaging in torture.
You can control not only parties or political leaders in power but also the parties and politicians in seeming opposition to them – effectively ensuring a one-party system in all ‘democratic’ nations.
You can mire countries in so much debt that they are forced to privatise their land, property, resources, public services and utilities and whole industries – enabling you to buy them up at rock-bottom prices.  
You can spy on the calls and mails of anyone – worldwide – and use the information you gather to blackmail politicians working against your interests.   
You can engage in illegal wars of occupation, deciding which regimes need to brought down, in what order and by what means (as, for example set out by the Project for a New American Century well before 9/11).
You can determine what is ‘law’ – even though it may blatantly contravene human rights and international law or - as in the US - the nation’s own constitution.
You can label anyone – even an small-time investigative journalist – a ‘domestic terrorist’ or ‘threat to national security’.
You can ‘legally’ (as in the U.S.) arrest and hold anyone in indefinite detention without legal defence or even any charge.
Your oil corporations alone can buy off or pressure entire governments – like that of Nigeria – into doing your will – for example by selling their valuable natural resources to you at prices you set and with absolutely no benefit to their people.  
You can instigate coups and bloodbaths worldwide (for example the death of a million people after the CIA-backed coup in Indonesia) and yet even despite eye-witness accounts – such as those from the erstwhile British Ambassador in Indonesia - ensure the media does not report them at all.
You are only mildly embarrassed when, for example, the BBC reports the collapse of a third tower during  9/11 – half an hour before it actually happened, only a short time after a new Rothschild owner massively increased its insurance value – and then ‘happened’ to announce that on just that day (9/11) he could not,  as he usually did, have breakfast with his family at the ‘Twin Towers;.
You can ignore or deride as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ everyone who would seek to expose your conspiracies, and threaten any opposing nation with dire sanctions if they don’t obey your will.    
You can even kill whoever you decide to – that is where the CIA and Mossad come in handy, as do drone strikes  or use of the Echelon satellite system - allowing you to cause an unfortunate ‘accident’ to occur through disrupting the computer system of any car or plane.
You can at any time engineer a ‘false flag’ situation (like 9/11) that gives the public a viable excuse for you to engage in illegal wars - such as the war on Iraq.
You can rely on the media to totally disinform – for example successfully maintaining the absurd illusion that Saddam Hussein has any liking for or links with Al Qaida – and conveniently concealing the fact that it was you who first funded and armed them.

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